ICC Population: 52,135

GP Surgeries:

ICC Trio:
Adult Social Care: Karen Bell
North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust: Christine Stewart
GP: Dr Helen Jervis

Health Profile:

  • Older population projected to increase
  • Planned hospital admissions for hip replacements higher than national average
  • High levels of childhood obesity
  • Incidence of prostate cancer are higher than national average
  • More patients with high blood pressure; diabetes; asthma; and dementia than national average
  • Travel times to key services greater than national average

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Detailed profiles have been developed for each ICC to support the planning of future services.

They cover information on the population and local health needs.

View ICC profiles|

The Alston Alliance has published a document showing how feedback that was received about the plans for health and care on Alston Moor was used and answers some of the questions and concerns that were highlighted by residents.

The future of health and care services for Alston – a summary

View ‘The Alston Plan – 2017-2020 – Working in partnership’

View summary of Alston Alliance’s Health & Care Plan for Alston Moor.