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Patient and public engagement can be defined as the active participation of patients, community representatives and the wider public in the development of health services.

Effective communication, engagement and honesty with our communities are at the heart of our approach to clinical commissioning. The patient is at the centre of all our plans.

CCG staff and members have a duty of care to ensure they communicate in a jargon-free and effective way.

We share the principles of Cumbria Action for Health which recommends the following:

  • If you know the answer, have already made the decision and are very limited for time  – Inform People
  • If you want to develop an answer and have time for those involved to influence the shape and final outcome then – Engage People
  • If you have a number of answers you want opinions on and have time to consider people’s views – Consult People                    

All of the CCG’s key programmes follow these principles and have various options for getting further information or getting involved in workshops and meetings and who to contact.

Legacy Examples and Documents

Find out more about the Open Space Event at Brathay, Ambleside on 16 November 2016 in this easy read document.

The inception of our new Challenging Behaviour Early Intervention Service followed the transfer of a Children’s Respite home from the Health Service back under Local Authority jurisdiction. The transfer freed up £300k that the Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Children and Families Team, in partnership with the Local Authority, decided to reinvest in the provision of services to support children who have behaviours that challenge.

This decision was made due to the increased numbers of children displaying challenging behaviour and a lack of effective care for these children in Cumbria.

Read more about Cumbria’s New Challenging Behaviour Early Intervention Service Here.

Open Space event 2016 - Staff taking part

An independent review of an audit of patient transfers between West Cumberland Hospital and the Cumberland Infirmary found that all transfers had a positive impact on the patient, but found that more needs to be done to ensure better communication and co-ordination.

NHS Cumbria CCG commissioned this survey carried out by Cumbria Youth Alliance in 2015.

Young people in West North and East Cumbria were asked about their views on accessing healthcare services and how they would like to see services develop.

Read the survey here.